Trans-Sped is at the forefront of maintenance as well

Trans-Sped is at the forefront of maintenance as well
Trans-Sped’s logistics technology business line is the service of providing technical maintenance to logistics equipment, which was established addressing the market demand in Northern Hungary in 2007, initially under the name DTT Kft.

In addition to our maintenance services, we represent the BagLine Compacta bagging machine manufacturer in Hungary. Our logistics technology business currently serves the customers with 16 employees comprised of technicians, electricians and mechanics. Our specialists have many years of professional and special chemical industry experience in the field of maintenance. They carry out their expert work in mechanical and technical workshops in Tiszaújváros.


In the beginning, our main profile was focused on the maintenance of the packaging lines of the former Tisza Chemical Works (the current MOL Petrochemicals Co. Ltd.), while today we provide electrical, mechanical and instrumental pneumatic assembly operations as well.



ISO 9001

The business line strives to be available 24/7 and to provide reliable and high quality services that risk neither health nor safety. To this end we introduced the ISO 9001 standard in 2013.



In addition we carry the SCC certificate, which confirms that we meet work safety, health and environmental requirements in the course of our performance.



The employees of the logistics business line carry MOL HSE certificates as well.


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We pay special attention to our customers’ expectations and to compliance with laws and regulations as well as quality and safety requirements, always taking safe operation in the highest consideration. We choose carefully our subcontractors and suppliers, from whom we demand the same quality for all products and services. The logistics technology business line currently works with more than 150 suppliers.


In order for our clients to carry out their work smoothly and achieve the right quality, it is essential that their industrial equipment function reliably and properly. With our professional maintenance services we ensure a significant increase in the equipment’s lifetime and efficiency. Our employees regularly attend professional trainings in order to acquire knowledge about new technologies.





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