Trans-Sped is a wholly Hungarian owned company present in the logistics market since 1990. We started our operation as an international freight forwarder company, however during the last 30 years we expanded into a company group possessing subsidiaries serving the different fields of logistics and a nationwide network of offices and divisions, employing around 800 people in total.

We provide complex logistics solutions across the whole country: with our 16 regional centres we offer our clients rapid and efficient services such as transportation, freight forwarding, warehousing or even management of customs administration, or production and value added logistics activities.

Our production logistics activities include the packaging and storing of different industry products manufactured at the sites of production companies and shippers, and the related material handling and sales provision services.

We increase the value of our clients’ merchandise with additional services: on request we undertake packaging, labelling, repackaging, assembling and kitting. In addition to these we also manage different business control systems (e.g. SAP, BPCS) and also perform quality control and returned goods handling.



Our company serves the needs of its client with its 230 self-owned road vehicles and with a further 250 heavy goods vehicles owned by its subcontractors. The safety of the cargo intrusted to us is guaranteed, whether it be a domestic or foreign destination. We are also able to satisfy shipping needs involving air, sea, container or rail transportation.

Trans-Sped Hungary undertakes warehousing activities in Hungary over a total area surpassing 185.000 m², with more than 200 forklifts and cranes, an advanced IT background and environmentally friendly solutions: in our newest buildings and warehouse halls with the increasing usage of green energy and the installation of heat pump systems. We also perform the storing of products requiring cooling or heating (e.g. medicines) on the highest level.

We also carry out comprehensive export-import customs administration with 6 customs offices (in Debrecen, two offices in Budapest, Körösladány, Tatabánya and Tiszaújváros). The services of our customs administration include: customs management, providing joint and several guarantee, subcontractor accounting, administration of follow-up procedures, customs consultancy, Intrastat information services, bonded and tax warehousing.

As a complex logistics provider besides the abovementioned the company group performs technical maintenance tasks, warehouse construction and industrial park operation as well. Trans-Sped currently owns a 28 hectare industrial park area.

In addition to providing full scale and excellent services to our clients and our dedication towards the highest quality and safety requirements, our company is highly committed to the issues of sustainable development and the protection of environment. Within the framework of our corporate social responsibility programme we maintain continuous cooperation with educational institutions, local governments, and law enforcement organizations, while we are also happy to contribute to charity as well.