Trans-Sped Group carries out full scale export and import customs procedure management services at several sites. With the help of its wide range of licences the company guarantees that the clients’ goods are crossing borders fast and smooth. Trans-Sped carries out more than 12900 custom clearances a year. Our company carries an AEO F licence.

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  1. Export
  • filling transport documents
  • certificates of origin


Normal procedure: with the involvement of customs authorities, within working hours.

Entry into the declarant’s records licence:

  • extended to all customs agencies
  • without the involvement of customs authorities, within and outside working hours.

TIR launch: we can undertake it at only those customs agencies where there is a customs authority presence.

Transit: we carry an authorised sender licence extended to all customs agencies. We can provide guarantee for shipments organized by us. We carry the TC33 Guarantee Waiver Certificate, which provides security up to HUF 100 million.


  1. Import
  • performing customs calculation, customs value declaration


We are able to receive transit cargo at all of our customs agencies except Körösladány.

We possess an authorised addressee licence. After the delivery of cargo we manage the normal procedure of customs clearance, within the working hours of the customs authorities.

The client can settle the customs duties (customs and VAT) payable after goods in the following manners:


  • advance transfer to customs deposit account
  • payment on customs decision, we can guarantee customs duties until payment with our guarantee permit


  1. Bonded warehouse
  • operation of bonded warehouse and temporary storage warehouse
  • arranging the customs-approved treatment of customs goods after storage (release into free circulation, re-export, customs goods transit)


The bonded warehouse is for storing non-EU goods. The depositor is not obliged to pay customs and VAT after storing the goods in the bonded warehouse, but he has to provide a guarantee, bank guarantee or a cash customs deposit. Customs and VAT duties are to be paid after the removal of the goods from storage, however, as our company carries the AEO F licence, only the custom duties have to be guaranteed. The duration of storage in a bonded warehouse is not limited.

Currently our bonded warehouse licence covers the following sites:

  • 4030 Debrecen, Vámraktár út 3.
  • 3581 Tiszaújváros TVK Industrial area
  • 2890 Tata, Barina út 1.


  1. VAT tax warehouse

3581 Tiszaújváros, TVK Industrial area – open-air and closed warehouse

The tax warehousing procedure provides VAT exemption for the depositor and the other party involved in sales from the tax warehouse. The number of VAT-free sales and the duration of storage are not limited.

When removing the goods from storage the last tax warehouse depositor has to issue a VAT invoice for domestic sales, while VAT invoices are not needed for sales into and out of the EU. In case of supply of goods within the EU the VAT has to be guaranteed until arrival to the destination. In case of supply of goods outside the EU the VAT has to be guaranteed until the point of departure from the EU.

  • Registration tax return
  • Authorized addressee and sender licence
  • VPID number administration for businesses and private persons
  • AES customs procedure
  • Guarantee
  • Import customs procedure
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