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The logistics service for web stores and direct delivery to customers is a special challenge, so choosing the logistics provider is of key importance. The lack of expertise and working with makeshift logistics processes can make a system with as few as a thousand packages a month inoperable. A professional, experienced logistics service provider, however, can create additional added value for e-commerce companies on top of efficient and accurate process management.

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Next-day delivery without the burdens of logistics

To focus only on sales, serve customers faster and more efficiently, and at the same time get rid of all the difficulties of organizing warehousing, ordering, packaging and delivery – this is what the Hungarian logistics market leader, Trans-Sped’s new service, e-commerce logistics offers to Hungarian web stores. It allows merchants’ products to reach the customers’ homes even the next day.


What does e-commerce logistics offer?

Trans-Sped’s new service provides a full range of logistics services to web stores working with increased traffic or goods requiring special handling, which has so far been limited in the domestic market. The essence of e-commerce logistics or fulfillment service is that it offers a solution specifically for the needs of online commerce.


What changes are involved in Trans-Sped's e-commerce service?

The installation and efficient operation of logistics processes is a significant burden for web stores. The e-commerce market is growing spectacularly year by year, but traders and costumers are hampered by problems in warehousing and stocking, inaccurately assembled orders, and slow delivery resulting in delays. Over a few thousand packages a month, without professional logistics knowledge, with self-developed warehousing systems and warehouses without proper equipment, it will be expensive, slow and inefficient to store products and deliver them to the consumers. Trans-Sped offers a service that assumes the burden of logistics for the web stores, from the beginning to the end of the process, while providing faster and more accurate service.


How does the e-commerce logistics system work?

The key to Trans-Sped’s fulfi lment service is that it does not provide partners with individual warehouse and inventory management, but operates a digitally supported logistics base that can serve multiple web stores at the same time within a single system.

The goods procured by e-commerce companies that use the services of Trans-Sped arrive directly at the logistics base in Budapest. The products are stocked here, their complete documentation, and if necessary, their localization is arranged, and they are stored under the most suitable conditions.

The inventory is recorded by a cloud-based digital system that is connected online to the web stores’ own trading system (webshop engine). Thus, when an online purchase occurs, the pickup and packing process starts immediately in the logistics centre, and delivery takes place through the most suitable courier company, with even the option of cash on delivery. The selection and commissioning of the courier company, the return of goods, and the handling of damaged packages are also performed by Trans-Sped’s own team in line with quality-assured protocols.






It is worth choosing a professional service provider which possesses a suffi cient level of skilled workforce, equipment and real estate to serve the growing demand, and is able to fl exibly scale its service. It is also able to provide effi ciency benefi ts, one of the main guarantees of which – in addition to the readiness of the logistics service provider – is the IT mapping and implementation of the processes, as well as automation. To achieve genuine and sustainable effi ciency increase, an IT solution which is integrated as much as possible is required, covering the process from placing a user order to handling the returned goods. It is also crucial to what extent and how the service provider can automate material handling tasks with modern robotic systems.






As the largest Hungarian-owned logistics company, Trans-Sped has been an active player in domestic and international trade for 30 years. Over the past decades, the company has served many global companies from the automotive industry through the pharmaceutical industry to the FMCG sector with traditional, high-volume logistic services. Over the years, Trans-Sped has had to meet serious expectations in terms of both capacity and special customer needs. The thus accumulated know-how, the online systems, the technical tools and the professional team that can meet these needs guarantee that with the new logistics service of Trans- Sped, web stores can provide a more effi cient service to customers, while getting rid of all logistics diffi culties.



  • for e-commerce companies looking to solve logistics tasks
  • for those who use B2B and B2C sales channels
  • for traders who serve diff erent sales channels from a single stock
  • for the online distributors of largesized packages and products
  • for companies distributing products requiring special treatment
  • for products and logistics processes that require a unique solution
  • for e-commerce companies that work with larger orders and run their own team






Our service helps our customers focus on selling the product. With an outsourced logistics service, the companies operating the web store are relieved of the tasks and extra costs associated with storing and stocking products, and preparing, shipping and delivering orders.


  • a professional, Trans-Sped-employed warehouse team ensures the processing of all orders placed in the web store
  • no need to rent or purchase real estate
  • no overhead to be paid
  • no need to maintain a warehousing team
  • no need for dedicated infrastructure and expensive warehouse management software
  • minimized error rate
  • minimized fi xed costs
  • predictable and fl exible costs instead of static fi xed costs: designing fl exible service fees to suit seasonality, peak sales and growth
  • faster ROI




  • the logistics and fulfi llment centre in Budapest with a size of thousands of m²
  • digitally controlled processes
  • a cloud-based logistics platform supports the operation of the business line, which is a multi- level data synchronization with well-known web store engines
  • a professional logistics team with decades of experience
  • trade facilitating reporting system: turnover rates, determination of minimum and maximum stock, customer turnover, etc.




  • the goods are delivered at the Trans-Sped logistics centre
  • we identify the received goods, take them into stock, record them – which can also be accessed online by the web store operator – and store them on shelves or pallets according to the individual handling needs of the goods
  • online, real-time status tracking inventory
  • picking of orders after automatic processing
  • preparation for shipping
  • organization of delivery method according to the quantity of goods (pallet or small package; cash on delivery handling; returned goods handling)
  • the whole process can be traced, the location of the goods is known at all times
  • invoicing can also be handled
  • documentation management (warranty certifi cates, quality clearances guarantee certifi cates, other)

Our basic service package includes the following:

  • itemized receipt and admission of goods
  • proper storage of the stock
  • unique identification of goods (barcode or other technology)
  • storage of distributed goods with preservation
  • preparation and picking of submitted orders
  • individual packaging of goods: provision of packaging materials and professional packaging
  • printing the invoice and putting it into the package
  • labelling, enclosing user manuals
  • domestic and international delivery of the order from a single package to multi-pallet delivery and cash on delivery handling
  • even same day delivery of the order
  • advanced IT background
  • online and real-time tracking of inventory movements with inventory records connected to the customer’s system, use of inventory management software
  • automated warehousing processes
  • problem management, scrap goods handling
  • handling of returned goods


Additional services:

  • customs service
  • bulk delivery, FTL
  • sea or air freight forwarding to and from the Far East
  • arranging supply to traditional commercial chains


How can I track the products sold in my web store?

Trans-Sped’s e-commerce logistics service provides merchants with continuous and real-time inventory tracking through the company’s own logistics system, which can be accessed with a personal login ID or through integration into the web store’s system.

How is Trans-Sped’s online system and the web store connected?

The most important thing for the efficiency of the logistics support provided by Trans-Sped is to connect the web store and Trans- Sped’s online system as smoothly as possible. Through pre-built and flexibly extensible API protocols, this usually does not pose a major IT challenge with the systems used by domestic web stores.

How fast do my packages arrive?

With proper online cooperation and information flow, next day delivery is possible, but in case of special customer needs, same day delivery can also be managed.


I don’t just deal with e-commerce. Can I also serve stores and online shoppers through Trans-Sped’s service?

Trans-Sped’s e-commerce logistics service also offers a solution to the logistics needs of hybrid, online and offline commerce. In this case, the e-commerce logistics centre can also serve the merchant’s online customers and stores.

I trade in products requiring special treatment. Can their logistics be managed?

Trans-Sped’s e-commerce logistics service is based on providing logistical support for the needs of almost every product available in online commerce. Whether it’s shelf life, increased safety standards, or bulky goods of unconventional sizes, Trans-Sped aims to make it easier to trade products online that have hitherto been hampered by logistical challenges.


I have my own site where I have already set up infrastructure. Is Trans-Sped still able to provide logistical support? 

With an appropriate contractual system and certain size limits, Trans-Sped can implement logistical support for its business partners even at their own premises. With a suitable internet connection, the outsourced logistics service can be operated without problems at external sites also.


The traffic of my web store is growing on an increased level, so I will need more storage space soon.

The capacity of Trans-Sped’s e-commerce logistics base is many times the overall needs of web stores. Due to the common, central area designed according to the needs of e-commerce, changes in the volume of products managed by the base can be handled flexibly. The traders do not have to worry about how the logistics system scales in the event of an increase in traffic.


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