The fundamental principles of Trans-Sped’s management are based on providing high quality service to clients. To carry out the organization’s work processes in accordance with the regulations, therefore, is a must. These work processes are regulated by the ISO 9001 quality management system since 1996.


Environmentally focused approach

Trans-Sped carries out its activities while keeping constant focus on the priorities of sustainable development and the protection of the environment. Among others, this approach involves a fleet which has the least possible burden on the environment; the average age of Euro 6 emission standard vehicles is 1.5 years; since 2010 when developing warehouses the management prefers to use air source heat pump solutions, using renewable energy sources to heat and cool the premises.

The company complies with all statutory requirements in all circumstances, making it compulsory for the contractual partners to do so as well. For environmental protection reasons in 2007 an environmental management system was also introduced.


Work safety

In order to heighten occupational safety and health protection Trans-Sped Kft. introduced the OHSAS 18001 standard Health & Safety Management System at the Tiszaújváros division in 2015, with the requirements adopted at the other sites as well. 


Effective energy usage

In 2016 the 50001 standard energy management system was added to Trans-Sped’s management system, which puts the emphasis on the more efficient and conscious usage of energy required for services. Environmentally conscious investments go hand in hand with the improvement of energy efficiency as well.


Harnessing the interoperability and parallels between the standards the management applies the introduced standards in an integrated system. With the creation of the Integrated Management System Trans-Sped, benefitting from its leading market position, can guarantee consistent quality service and whenever possible is able to eliminate calculable uncertainties. The quality, environmental, work safety and energy efficiency requirements of its services are adjusted to the needs of the concerned parties and the relevant regulatory legislations, while the company’s further endeavours are stated in its Integrated Policy. When performing its existing services as well as introducing new ones and implementing new tools Trans-Sped complies with all health & safety regulations, keeping constant attention on possible risks. It recognizes technologies which avoid burdening the environment, and all the possibilities of increasing energy conservation and energy efficiency.

In order to provide the utmost protection for the goods of the clients Trans-Sped presents comprehensive property and liability insurance options, and special attention is also given to data security.


 ISO 9001                    ISO 14001                  ISO 45001