Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

By making social responsibility an integral part of its corporate culture Trans-Sped aims to lead by example with its efforts in the regional and national level as well. In order to achieve this it is necessary to establish opportunities for creating relationships understood as open and bilateral processes for the members of the business environment, clients, partners and the population involved in a direct and indirect way.

The activities of our company group have a significant effect on its social and natural environment, thus we pay close attention to social expectations, contributing actively in solving local and global problems. We also maintain continuous dialogue with local governments and the people living in our environment. We communicate our dedication – as an expected behaviour – to our partners as well.

In the environmental dimension of corporate social responsibility we put the emphasis on its four pillars: fuel saving, sustainable transportation, energy efficiency, and the protection of the environment. Our company takes responsibility for the community which provides us with resources (employees, orders). During this process the active re-circulation of energy input is carried out locally.


As the basis of our activities we treat driving safety as a priority area. This includes Blind Spot Communication, which is one of our main undertakings. We showcase the system at various events to raise attention and share knowledge and we display the appropriate blind spot distance with signs encouraging safe driving on the back of our canvas trucks. Our driving safety programmes include a campaign as well, which promotes compulsory rest for drivers. Our company operates with the most advanced vehicles, guaranteeing safe travel.

Our company group is dedicated to perform complex logistics solutions in a way that the work processes are carried out in accordance with the guidelines of sustainable development, with the least possible strain on the environment. We prefer using environmentally friendly materials, methods and vehicles. We thoroughly comply with the legal requirements, ensuring that our contractual partners act in like manner. Our high service standards offered to our partners are guaranteed by our quality, environmental and work safety policies.

It is important for us to help the needy with our services, to support local communities, to provide regular assistance to Hungarian minorities abroad, and to improve healthcare services. Our company offers regular assistance to various charity organizations in transporting donations. Our employees are also conducting their day-to-day work with this spirit in mind, since they also participate in our donation initiatives year after year, contributing generously to the aid focusing on disadvantaged residents living in the proximity of our sites.